Tips To Keep Your Lower Back Pain Under Control

Dealing with back pain is no fun at all. It can make it difficult to concentrate while at work or make it impossible to play with your kids when you get home. If you are dealing with frequent back pain, you will obviously want to do whatever you can to regain control of the situation. Here are some tips that might help keep your lower back pain at bay.

Use Proper Posture

Using proper posture will help prevent your lower back from receiving more pressure than necessary. Sit up straight when in a chair and never slouch. Maintain proper upright posture while walking, and if you have to lift something, do it while bending your knees, do not lean forward and bend your back. Go through an entire day with proper posture and you might be pleasantly surprised with how much better your back feels by the end of the day.

Switch Out Chairs

Did you know that special chairs exist specifically for people with frequent lower back pain? These chairs offer additional support with a cushion towards the lower part of the chair. You should still use proper posture while using this chair, however, placing your lower back firmly against the cushion while keeping your feet on the ground. If you are going to type while working, push the chair as close to the desk as possible so you don't have to reach forward. This will allow you to keep your lower back against the support.

Stretch It Out

Lower back muscles can also hurt when they tighten up. Regular stretches at the start or end of your day can help with this. Lie flat on the floor and bring both knees up to your chest and then back down. Alternatively, lie flat on your stomach with your hands up over your head. Lift up at the chest so you are "crunching" your lower back. (This is sometimes called the "Superman")

Contact Professional Help

If you are having trouble keeping your lower back pain in check, it might be time to contact a local chiropractor. A chiropractor will pinpoint the source of the problem in an attempt to bring immediate pain relief. Going forward, regular treatment can keep your back loose and avoid tightening or locked up muscles that can lead to pain. In the meantime, continue to use good posture, get your self a custom chair if needed and keep up with your stretching exercises in order to achieve optimal results.

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