Beyond The Adjustment: Other Ways Your Chiropractor Can Manage Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, visiting the chiropractor is a great way to get some relief. The main way that chiropractors treat back pain is by adjusting the spine, which basically means they realign any vertebrae that have come out of place. However, this is not the only back pain remedy that chiropractors utilize. Here is a look at three other methods that chiropractors are increasingly utilizing to help ease back pain in their patients.

Pneumatic Massage

Once your spine has been aligned, your chiropractor will want to loosen and relax the muscles on either side of the spine to prevent the vertebrae from being pulled out of place again. One way they accomplish this is by using a pneumatic massage tool. This tool has one contact point. It is placed on your back, and it rapidly moves back and forth to work the muscle fibers and free any adhesions. While the procedure can be a little uncomfortable, it should not be overly painful. Your chiropractor will probably use the tool along both sides of your spine and perhaps also across your shoulders — especially if the pain is localized in your upper back.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy involves shining a very low-powered laser over the areas of your back that are sore. The laser light penetrates your skin and helps ease inflammation in your muscles. It does so by simply increasing circulation to the area. You probably won't feel a thing while the laser is being applied to your back, although some patients do report feeling a relaxing sensation. But after the session, your back should feel a lot looser and more comfortable.

Hydro Massage

If your chiropractor thinks your back pain may be related to tightness elsewhere, such as in your hips or abdomen, they may have you undergo a procedure called hydro massage. Basically, this is like getting into a fancy hot tub with very targeted jets designed to massage specific parts of your body where you are the most tight. Your chiropractor can turn the pressure up or down depending on your comfort level and preferences.

Talk to your chiropractor about these and other methods of managing back pain. If there is a new treatment you would like to try, do not be afraid to ask. Chiropractors are known for taking a collaborative approach to care and are generally happy to work with their patients. For more information about your options, contact a local chiropractor office, such as Davison Chiropractic .

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