Laser Therapy Might Heal Your Injury Or Manage Chronic Pain

Laser therapy is used to treat acute and chronic pain in your joints and tissues. If you go to a chiropractor for back pain, they might recommend laser pain therapy in addition to your spinal adjustments. You could notice a reduction in pain after just a couple of treatments, and the effects are often longer lasting since the laser promotes healing. Here's how laser pain therapy works.

Treatments Are Quick And Easy To Take

Laser treatments last for a matter of minutes, but the length depends on the area being treated and the cause of your pain. You may find that laser therapy feels good since it delivers warmth deep into your back or shoulders.

The chiropractor uses a handheld device to deliver the laser through your skin. They might attach a roller ball to the device so it feels like you're getting a heated massage during your treatment. There should be no pain during your session. You might take it while you relax on a table or sit in a chair, depending on the area being treated.

Multiple Laser Therapy Treatments May Be Needed

You might feel some pain relief and improvement after one or two treatments, but your chiropractor may want you to take several treatments so the healing can be complete. Laser pain therapy can provide pain relief and promotes tissue healing. This gives you quick relief and heals damaged tissues for longer-lasting relief. Since it takes time to heal tissues, multiple treatments may be advised.

Laser Therapy Provides A Number Of Benefits

The laser light penetrates your skin and reaches deep tissues and bones when you get a treatment. The laser can penetrate the cells of your body to stimulate a healing response. One important benefit of laser therapy is a decrease in inflammation. Reducing inflammation is helpful for reducing pain.

However, the laser also stimulates body chemicals that offer pain relief, and that further helps with your bone, muscle, or tissue pain. The light and heat also increase circulation in the pained area, which is important for healing tissues. The light also stimulates your cells to start repairing your injury so healing is quicker when you take laser treatments.

Laser therapy also stimulates collagen that can help wounds heal quicker, and the light may also stimulate stem cell activity in the area. Laser therapy can also reduce scar formation and trigger points as you heal, and that helps with pain and encourages proper healing.

If you think laser pain therapy might be for you, talk to your chiropractor about the treatments. If they're effective in your case, you might enjoy pain relief and healing your injury with less reliance on pain medications. Contact a local laser therapy service to learn more.

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