Stubborn Lower Leg Problems? Consider Seeing A Chiropractor

If you have a problem with pain and aching in your lower legs, your first instinct may be to see a doctor or physical therapist. Neither of these is a bad choice. But what if you follow through with your doctor or PT's recommended treatment plan, and the pain lingers or keeps on returning? In that case, it is a good idea to see a chiropractor. Having a few chiropractic adjustments in which your spine is realigned can actually go a long way towards relieving lower leg problems. Here are a few ways in which it does so.

Redistributing your weight.

If your spine is not properly aligned, you are likely to lean more towards one side than the other, and to put more weight on one of your legs than the other. That leg that bears more weight is going to undergo more impact, which will put it at a higher risk for injury. If your chiropractor adjusts your spine, you will begin to distribute your weight more evenly again, which will reduce the impact on your sore and painful leg. The pain probably won't go away immediately, but this "unloading" will allow any damaged tissues to finally heal in the coming weeks and months.

Taking pressure off nerves.

At times, the pain you feel in your lower leg may actually be due to pressure on a nerve. There are nerves associated with the legs that connect to the spine in the lower back. If your lower spine is out of alignment, then it may put pressure on one of those nerves. This can cause lower leg pain or make it worse. An adjustment can take pressure off the nerves and relieve this sort of pain.

Improve muscle flexibility.

Another contributing factor to your pain may be stiffness. If your back is out of alignment and is pulling on certain muscles, those muscles may feel really stiff. They may then be pulling on other muscles, preventing them from working in their full range of motion — and that causes pain. An adjustment, therefore, will often leave you feeling more flexible, which will relieve muscle tension in your lower legs and ease your discomfort.

When lower leg pain refuses to go away, it may actually originate with a problem in the back. In such cases, seeing a chiropractor is a great way to seek relief, both for the long-term and short-term. For more information on chiropractic treatment, contact a professional near you.

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